Ancient Grandmasters

Ng Mui 

Ng Mui was one of the 5 elders of Shaolin. She and her fellow colleagues put their skills together to create a new style that would contain the best and simplest methods of kung fu, one that could be taught quickly and didn’t require great strength to be effective. This new martial art was condensed into 3 short forms. Ng Mui and her fellows would later flee the destruction of their temple caused by Qing government forces; Qing officials feared the temple had harbored revolutionaries. When Ng Mui escaped, she and her fellow disciples would go on their separate ways. While on her travels alone, Ng Mui met and befriended Yim Ving Tsun, and would become her teacher.


YimVingTsun.png Yim Ving Tsun 

Yim Ving Tsun was a teenage girl who worked in her family’s tofu shop. She eventually met and befriended Ng Mui, an abbess from the Shaolin temple. Ng Mui sympathized that a local bandit had been attempting to force his hand in marriage to her. Ng Mui in turn taught Yim Ving Tsun to defend herself using these innovative methods. From there, this young prodigy studied under Ng Mui arduously for a few months. The girl later revealed herself and bested her oppressor in singular combat. After triumphing she would marry a man of her choosing, Leung Bok Chau. After settling down, she continued the tradition and passed her skills to her husband. Leung Bok Chau in turn named the art after his wife after her passing, and so it became known as Ving Tsun Keun, or simply “Ving Tsun”.


LeungPokToa.png Leung Bok Chau

Leung Bok Chau was Yim Ving Tsun’s husband whom along with his revered wife was one of the first Grandmasters of Ving Tsun Keun. He later passed down the style to Wong Wah Po.


WongWahPo.pngWong Wah Po

Wong Wah Po studied under Leung Bok Chau. His most well-known students were Leung Lan Kwai, Leung Yee Tai, and Leung Tsun who was Sifu to Chan Wah Shuen.


LeungTsun.pngLeung Tsun

Leung Tsun was a disciple of Wong Wah Po, and contemporary of Leung Lan Kwai and Leung Yee Tai. He passed the Ving Tsun System down to Fung Wah, Leung Bik, and Chan Wah Sheun.