For generations the Ving Tsun System has been passed down in its original form. The power and effectiveness of the techniques within the system is credited to its simplicity. the result of which is an art and science that continues to impress martial artists the world over. A student’s training can be divided into three main areas. The first area of training is through its Forms. The majority of the Ving Tsun System is contained within the following empty-handed forms:

Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Biu Gee are those opened to the student within the first two years of dedicated training. Siu Nim Tao will be taught as soon the very first day and throughout. While Siu Num Tao is the beginning form, it is said that all of the system’s principles can be distilled down to Siu Nim Tao. After a student learns Biu Gee, the next step in training is the Muk Yan Jong, or the wooden man. Sometimes this form is taught alongside Biu Gee as is the more traditional way. The final two forms are not open to a student until far into their training.

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