What is Ving Tsun?

Ving Tsun is a concept based martial art originating from the Shaolin Temple in China during the 17th century. Ving Tsun was the distillation of the simplest and most potent aspects of Shaolin kung fu that would not be reliant on a high level of physical strength. Because of this, Ving Tsun can be learned in a relatively short amount of time.

How is Ving Tsun compare to other martial arts?

As a concept based martial art, Ving Tsun benefits from the increased flexibility in its application to many different situations.  The Ving Tsun arsenal is also comprised of “soft” techniques that aid in sensitivity to incoming force and providing the ability to redirect such force at will, rather than relying on strength; this is particularly important in instances where one is smaller, weaker, or slower than the assailant, which is often the case of bullying or any kind of aggravated assault. Ving Tsun Kung Fu draws its power from linear force along the centerline axis, and this is one core fundamentals unique to the system.

What are principles of Ving Tsun?

Ving Tsun utilizes the principles of centerline theory, forward energy, a strong stance, and relaxation in action.

What are the benefits of Ving Tsun training?

A dedicated Ving Tsun practitioner can expect to gain proficiency in self-defense, better health, increased physical fitness, as well as improved confidence and peace of mind.

What does one do in a Ving Tsun class?

A typical class involves a warm up period with forms and progresses into conditioning exercises to train techniques and the body.  Two-person drills will also take place with students pairing off to work on their levels of study together.

Is Ving Tsun difficult to learn?

Ving Tsun is the distillery of many years of kung fu knowledge into one compact system. The simplest and the most potent methods have survived and this is perfect for learning the system fast. In fact, the system was designed this way on purpose to train those even without an extensive martial arts background.

How long does it take to become an expert in Ving Tsun?

With dedicated training, a student can learn the core system in about 2 years, with proficiency beginning to show around that time. True mastery of the system however is a lifelong commitment.

Is Ving Tsun a good martial art for women to study?

The Ving Tsun system is an excellent choice for women to study. The system allows the practitioner to better manage leverage against an assailant who may benefit from being larger, stronger, or faster.

What kind of uniform does a student wear?

School t-shirts and comfortable slacks are used. A special uniform t-shirt will be provided for $20.

What training equipment is used?

We use focus pads to practice precision in our strikes, the wooden dummy to practice sensitivity and sticking techniques, wavemaster bags to practice against the resistance of hitting real bodily weight, and the sao bao for conditioning our hands for strikes. There are a few others as well.

Does Ving Tsun offer weapons training?

Yes. During advanced stages of training the student will be opened up to the kwan (6 1/2 point pole) and bot job doa (eight way chopping knives).

From what language does Ving Tsun originate?

It originates from the Cantonese dialect of the Chinese language. Many Cantonese sounds cannot be accurately represented with the English alphabet. Different authors may use different English letters to represent the same Cantonese sound, so you may see a term spelled several ways. For example, the “moving the horse” drill may be written as toi ma, toy ma, toy mah, and tsui ma.

How can I begin my study of Ving Tsun?

Simply drop us a line! You may either call us, or use the contact form on this website to start your intro lesson.